Welcome to Central Farmers Garage (CFG)

Vehicle Body Building

We make our clients proud through state-of-the-art buses & trucks body building workmanship! Not just in form and function, but also in beauty and poise!

Vehicle Servicing

We are Isuzu trusted and authorized dealers in selling and offering top-notch vehicle service to ensure long-life and optimal maintenance and performance of your vehicle

Why Choose CFG?

Easy Financing

We’ve partnered with all leading financial institutions to provide up to 95% financing with maximum repayment periods of 60 months.

Great Warranty

Get a warranty of between 1 – 3 years or 100,000 kilometers, whichever may fall first.

Trusted Brands

We understand the Kenyan Terrain and give brands designed to deal with tough roads and harsh conditions.

Customer Service

Happy clients is a core pillar, right from how we handle you to how we handle your vehicle.